The snowmobile season is kicking off this weekend! Groomers have been out the last two weeks getting the trails ready for eager snowmobiles.  After disappointing weather in December, the frigid temperatures this week have given the trails a solid base.  I have complied a list of trail conditions from three snowmobile clubs in Millinocket.

JoMary Riders Snowmobile Club:  Groomed South Twin lake towards Millinocket “Downtown” trail. Rt. 111 as far as the Jo Mary Rd to B Pond. Gauntlet Falls trail and Greenwood Mountain loop are opened. Groomed 111 to 109 x-over trail. Opened the 109 as far as the P.P. x-over trail on top of Potaywadjo Ridge.

image_6545248_4205970187407_1997843445_nSno-Rovers Club: Trail was groomed south to Endless Lake and north to Whetstone, (ITS 83). The South Twin connector is also opened and groomed.

Twin Pines Snowmobile Club: Groomed from Twin Pines to the North Baxter State Park Gate. Penobscot Pond Trail (ITS 85/86 – KLT) groomed past Abol Store and to Penobscot Pond.  This trail joins up with the opened and groomed trails of Kokajo. Pole Line and Millinocket in town trails have been groomed but the riding is rough.  Plan to start your ride on the Lake, either at the River Driver’s parking lot or on the State Road.

Matagamon Store is now opened and they have gas! The North and South ITS 85 to the race track to 71-D has been groomed.

I’ll keep you posted as trails are groomed.  Happy Snowmobiling…BRAAAAAAP

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