Tasty Treats from Around Town

I thought I would share with you some of my family’s and I favorites from the local eateries.

The SawMill

This is one of the newest places in town and right up the street from The Lake Road House. I will also shamelessly plug the fact that they are giving guests of The Lake Road House a 10% discount during their stay. I digress though…The Sawmill offers a great atmosphere. I will say this is a place you need time to enjoy, because while the service is warm and friendly it is sometimes a bit slow. The menu is what I would call pub style. some of my recommendations include the jalapeño poppers, they give you a good serving and the don’t taste like they are prepackaged and “the great northern” a tribute to the paper company that help build the region it is a loaded meat lovers pizza –  for my money the best in town.  There is plenty more on the menu that recognizes the history of the area with their names from the “no. 11” to the “the floundry”.

The Appalachian Trail Cafe

A favorite to hikers and locals alike. Simply put, the best homemade cake doughnuts. I recommend the squash but all are tasty. This quaint shop is located right on main street and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The home style American food menu is reasonably priced and service is great. The décor includes signatures from AT hikers on the walls.

Scootic In

Also a local favorite and located on main street this restaurant is the oldest in the area with 5 generations now having contributed to its success. The dish you will hear about time again is the Scallop Michelle.  Personally some of the menu items are hit and miss.

River Drivers

This place is actually a little ways out of town up on Millinocket lake and heading toward Baxter State Park. If you are looking for a more upscale place with the likes of Rib-eye and seared Tuna, then this is the place for you. The meals are certainly more expensive but the atmosphere is still very relaxed and friendly. You can also enjoy views of the lake and Mt. Katahdin. The River Drivers is part of the New England Outdoor Center where you enjoy white water rafting or moose sight-seeing tours as well.

If you are looking for Lobstah I might also recommend a small place near the Diver Drivers – it is actually a general store  where you pick up you beer and wine or other supplies on your way up to Katahdin, They offer a small sandwich counter that has lobster rolls that are to die for. The are a nice roll and overflowing with lobster meat. The may seem a little pricey at first but for what you get it certainly worth while.

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